16th February 2018

Peter is still at Wingham. Though chesty, he is battling to stay well. Undergoing lots of physio and still enjoying his static cycling. Sleeping and resting quite well at night. Hoping for a steady spell and looking forward to some warmer weather and getting out more.

Enjoying some Six Nations rugby. Not enjoying Sunderland's abysmal season so far quite as much.

Thanks to Tom W. for visiting recently - much appreciated. 

20th January 2018

Peter was discharged from Kingston Hospital on 28th December. After being back at Wingham Court for about a week he was unwell again with an infection and spent another week in hospital, this time at St George's. Tests showed no neurological changes and his chest infection was treated and resolved. Pete's at Wingham again and seems to be comfortable. Fingers crossed for a settled spell. 

Happy New Year.

23rd Dec 2017

On 28th November Peter was admitted to Kingston Hospital with an infection on his left lung. The initial infection has been treated and Pete is very much on the mend but we are staying through Christmas to monitor his progress and ensure that Pete is well enough to be released. Not the Christmas we had hoped for but safer that way. 

Thank you for all Pete's cards and good wishes.

Happy Christmas!

10th November 2017

Peter has had another spell in Kingston Hospital with a chest infection. He was discharged on Wednesday after a week there - thank you to staff.

Improving each day now.

Fingers crossed for a settled spell ahead.

No surprise to see the dismissal of Sunderland's manager. One win from sixteen is sacking material at any level. Now we need yet another new boss and half a new team too....


Saturday 21st Oct 2017

Pete doing ok after recent spell in hospital. 

Thank you to Chris S. for visiting.

Disappointing to watch Sunderland's dismal slide towards the foot of The Championship. Totally lacking in entertainment value and a complete clear-out at the club from top to bottom is the only way ahead. The present level is an insult to long suffering fans.

15th October 2017

Special thanks to Pete's cousin, Daniel Wake, and friends from Silksworth Methodist Church for taking part in a sponsored walk along the north east coast in aid of the Peter Wake Trust on Friday 6th October. Thank you everyone and well done, Dan!

13th October 2017

Peter has had a very much improved week and has enjoyed getting back into the routine of physio in the gym, cycling and so on. He is looking and feeling much better. 

Planning to get home for an afternoon over the weekend.

7th October 2017

Pete has just returned to Wingham after a ten day stay in hospital being treated for pneumonia. Thank you to everyone at Kingston Hospital - doctors, nurses and physios. Peter is hoping for a settled period in which he can regain his strength and catch up on lost sleep. He is very much on the mend now.


Sat 16th Sept 2017

Sat 16th September 2017.

Apologies for the long delay in updating the news blog.

It's been a busy and somewhat topsy-turvy summer. 

After being in hospital in May for his 30th birthday Pete was finally able to celebrate at home with friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon in June. Thanks to all who attended and for Pete's cards and presents.