22nd July 2018

Peter was admitted to Kingston hospital on June 14th with aspiration pneumonia and complications. After a long and brave ten and a half year battle Peter died on Friday 21st June, surrounded by Phil, Anne, Chris & Olivia. 

Thank you to staff at Kingston Hospital's Hamble ward and to the staff at Wingham Court who had looked after Peter so conscientiously over the past few years.

Special thanks to those who visited Peter on a regular basis and to those who supported the Peter Wake Trust. Thank you all for your heartwarming support over the past ten and a half years. 

31st May 2018

Thanks to Alice F and Hamish H for their recent visits - always appreciated.

Pete's eye infection has gone and he has two open, blue eyes once again.

We have a signed 2018 Manchester United shirt (boxed and with certificate of authenticity) for sale on behalf of Brain Injury Is BIG. Offers to Anne at 

Pete enjoying fresh air, static cycling and physio.

21st May 2018

Broadly speaking Peter has had a fairly decent run of stability in the past few months. However, at the moment he has a nasty eye infection and is being treated accordingly. He is also taking antihistamines to keep his hay fever at bay.

Pete enjoyed his birthday last week. Thank you for his cards and gifts. Thanks also to Chris S, Olivia, Chris and especially Lucie & Jon for their recent visits.

The Spring weather means we are out and about more often. Looking forward to more of the same and to the clearing up of the bad eye.

8th April 2018

Now that Spring seems to have finally arrived Peter has been able to get out more to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Still working hard at physio and keeping as well as possible. 


24th March 2018

On Saturday 10th March Pete was able to attend the official naming ceremony for the St John's College VIII boat named in his honour. The occasion was the visit of the St John's crews to London for the annual Head of the River race. The naming took place at lunchtime on the banks of the Thames near the Civil Service Boat House in Chiswick and was attended by men's and women's crews, friends, family and Rev. Prof. David Wilkinson, Principal of St John's College. This was followed by a splendid club lunch at the Coach & Horses in Barnes.

16th February 2018

Peter is still at Wingham. Though chesty, he is battling to stay well. Undergoing lots of physio and still enjoying his static cycling. Sleeping and resting quite well at night. Hoping for a steady spell and looking forward to some warmer weather and getting out more.

Enjoying some Six Nations rugby. Not enjoying Sunderland's abysmal season so far quite as much.

Thanks to Tom W. for visiting recently - much appreciated. 

20th January 2018

Peter was discharged from Kingston Hospital on 28th December. After being back at Wingham Court for about a week he was unwell again with an infection and spent another week in hospital, this time at St George's. Tests showed no neurological changes and his chest infection was treated and resolved. Pete's at Wingham again and seems to be comfortable. Fingers crossed for a settled spell. 

Happy New Year.

23rd Dec 2017

On 28th November Peter was admitted to Kingston Hospital with an infection on his left lung. The initial infection has been treated and Pete is very much on the mend but we are staying through Christmas to monitor his progress and ensure that Pete is well enough to be released. Not the Christmas we had hoped for but safer that way. 

Thank you for all Pete's cards and good wishes.

Happy Christmas!

10th November 2017

Peter has had another spell in Kingston Hospital with a chest infection. He was discharged on Wednesday after a week there - thank you to staff.

Improving each day now.

Fingers crossed for a settled spell ahead.

No surprise to see the dismissal of Sunderland's manager. One win from sixteen is sacking material at any level. Now we need yet another new boss and half a new team too....


Saturday 21st Oct 2017

Pete doing ok after recent spell in hospital. 

Thank you to Chris S. for visiting.

Disappointing to watch Sunderland's dismal slide towards the foot of The Championship. Totally lacking in entertainment value and a complete clear-out at the club from top to bottom is the only way ahead. The present level is an insult to long suffering fans.